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  1. Firebox

    Firebox for the nicest smoker I ever saw, and I am not worthy of, this thing can eat some wood.
  2. Gas burner for deep fryer for chicken/fish fryer

    Gas burner for chicken/fish fryer, crawfish boil or burgoo pot. The pot, liner, and tons of accessories are in the aluminum locker. Wood storage cage. The rig also has a triple burner cast iron gas burner that would be used for small pots of chili or beans
  3. Unusual grilling surface on a smoker

    Guy who had this smoker made was a smoker purist, but he had to be able to do burgers and dogs for his grandkids, so this was his combo design.
  4. smoker firebox

    Custom smoker, giant wood firebox
  5. DoubleDoor, DoubleDeck

    Smoker far nicer than I am qualified to use, the way BBQ is done in Texas
1-5 of 5 Results