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  1. 2012 Street Bob Going from Forward Controls Back to Mids

    Dyna General Discussions
    I have a 2012 Street Bob with forward controls and I am looking to move them back to the original mid controls. Has anyone done this, the parts don't seem readily available? Is there anyone in the NY/NJ areas that would consider trading their stock controls for my forwards?
  2. 2019 softail street bob fxbb throttle issues

    Touring General Discussions
    Okay so how do I explain this properly, I got a 2019 street bob fxbb with the m8 in it. I started upgrading the bike I put a new air cleaner on the bike (Arlen ness 15 spoke air cleaner) and I took it for a ride saw the check engine light on, that’s obviously going to come on when you change a...
  3. Street bob 2018 Vibration and Rough riding symptoms

    General Motorcycle Related
    Hey guys So a couple months back i got in a small accident, i cut off a guy in a car at a stop light as it turned green before i could get in front of him. He hit me from the back abd i dropped the bike but only had minor scratches and bent handle bars. Got the handlebars replaced, very nice...
  4. 2020 Street Bob handlebar swap question

    Softail General Discussions
    I'm not a huge fan of the mini apes on my 2020 Street Bob, but have never swapped bars in my life (this is my first bike). Two questions: Will I need to shorten my cables if I move to something like a hollywood bar? Has anyone done a swap like this and can light my path on complexity? Thanks!
  5. 2013 'street Bob'

    2013 'street Bob'

    Here's a picture of my new bike when I first got it home, two weeks ago. Full Stage Four Race Kit in it. Love it.
  6. My Ride By The House

    My Ride By The House

    08 street bob 'under construction'