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  1. General Motorcycle Related
    I can't seem to find the correct level of fork oil in my 2014 street Bob I've seen other years and they seem to be either 3.74" from the top or around 28.6 oz. Can anyone tell me if you're is right?
  2. Softail General Discussions
    Well as it says and shows I snapped the plastic transmission dipstick.. hoping someone has some knowledge on how to remove it now. I’ve tried the mallet and flathead to get it to budge and it won’t. I’ve tried an extractor but in the existing whole and it’s not deep enough so it just chews up...
  3. Dyna General Discussions
    What’s up y’all! FINALLY paid my MY-07 off enough to trade in for a hog. 07 FXDB. Was wondering if anyone could tell me what fairing is on here? The wind screen is cracked and I don’t hate the fairing so I figure just get a new screen. Also, and recommendations on a brake pedal under $100?
  4. Trans/Primary
    Noise starts when the clutch is released. Happens pretty much in 1st and 2nd gear. It’s a 06 FXDBI. Was just recently serviced by someone. Almost sounds like the chain is slipping. Anyone have any ideas? Have the primary open and it looks clean. No noise in neutral or when clicked into first...
  5. Engine
    Hey y'all I'm new to this forum and just got my first Harley! 2019 StreetBob with 10,000 miles I just had a few questions about my brand new used bike and I'm hoping y'all could help me out with it. So just after 1 day of ownership of the bike, she started to misfire and ran a little weird...
  6. Dyna General Discussions
    Sorry new here, and hope I'm asking in the right place Have just brought a 2016 fxdb street bob, that has the running, indicator, brake lights all in one. Running, indicator all working fine but no brake lights at all, either with front or rear brake and bulbs look fine. I don't know a lot...
  7. 06sbad.jpg

    1st Harley! 2006 Street Bob in lot at Motorcycle Accessories.
  8. Oil and Filters
    Really hoping you gents can help me figure this out. recently bought a 2008 dyna street bob, went to change the primary oil and when I took the drain plug out most the threads from the drain hole where right there on it. I seen maybe like an oversized plug but I have no idea what size or how to...
  9. Dyna General Discussions
    Hey guys, my name is Chris. Relatively new here but I read through a lot of the discussions, so I guess just new to posting. I have a 2016 Dyna Street Bob and I keep getting a high speed wobble that starts at 87 mph. Before any one starts with the speed limit talk, highways outside of NY are...
  10. Dyna General Discussions
    I have a 2012 Street Bob with forward controls and I am looking to move them back to the original mid controls. Has anyone done this, the parts don't seem readily available? Is there anyone in the NY/NJ areas that would consider trading their stock controls for my forwards?
  11. Touring General Discussions
    Okay so how do I explain this properly, I got a 2019 street bob fxbb with the m8 in it. I started upgrading the bike I put a new air cleaner on the bike (Arlen ness 15 spoke air cleaner) and I took it for a ride saw the check engine light on, that’s obviously going to come on when you change a...
  12. General Motorcycle Related
    Hey guys So a couple months back i got in a small accident, i cut off a guy in a car at a stop light as it turned green before i could get in front of him. He hit me from the back abd i dropped the bike but only had minor scratches and bent handle bars. Got the handlebars replaced, very nice...
  13. Softail General Discussions
    I'm not a huge fan of the mini apes on my 2020 Street Bob, but have never swapped bars in my life (this is my first bike). Two questions: Will I need to shorten my cables if I move to something like a hollywood bar? Has anyone done a swap like this and can light my path on complexity? Thanks!
  14. 2013 'street Bob'

    Here's a picture of my new bike when I first got it home, two weeks ago. Full Stage Four Race Kit in it. Love it.
  15. My Ride By The House

    08 street bob 'under construction'
1-16 of 16 Results