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  1. Electrical
    So i have a 03 super glide and the speedometer seems to only work when i engage the clutch or if im at super low speeds im talking less than 20 mph. Also the check engine light turns on with it once i exceed 20mph and the odometer turns blank. If it has anything to do with it the headlight does...
  2. New to the Community
    Purchased my first Harley. A 2011 Superglide. I need to check my engine oil but where the dipstick should be there is a strange screw cap not like the one described in user manual. Does anyone know what this is or how do i check my oil? See photo.
  3. Electrical
    Hey guy, I’ve got 05 FXDI that was neglected pretty bad by it’s previous owners. :( So I’ve been fixing her up little by little. today while installing a horn I discovered a mysterious ground wire that was just tucked away under the fuel tank along with the horn wires. The wire has a spade...
  4. Lowrider Pipes

    Lowrider pipes on 1980 FXEF
  5. Fxdc

    2008 SuperGlide Custom
  6. Fxdc

    2008 SuperGlide Custom
1-7 of 7 Results