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  1. Softail General Discussions
    I have recently put new bars on my 2001 Softail standard, and once everything is back on my throttle has decided it doesn't want to spring back when releasing it. I have checked to make sure the cables aren't pinched and everything went back the same way it came off. The only thing that I can...
  2. Sportster General Discussions
    I'm looking to replace the throttle cables on my bike but not sure what length to get. Everything is stock (so far) and I cant seem to find any size info in the service manual. TIA
  3. General Motorcycle Related
    I just put a new air cleaner and exhaust on my 18 softail. I started it before I put the tuner on to hear the exhaust and the throttle is running wide open. The butterfly is closed when the bike is off. I did unplug the o2 sensors when replacing the exhaust. Any ideas?
  4. Touring General Discussions
    Okay so how do I explain this properly, I got a 2019 street bob fxbb with the m8 in it. I started upgrading the bike I put a new air cleaner on the bike (Arlen ness 15 spoke air cleaner) and I took it for a ride saw the check engine light on, that’s obviously going to come on when you change a...
1-4 of 4 Results