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  1. Sportster General Discussions
    Whenever I start up my tranny light comes on. I let the bike fully warm up (5-10 min) and then ride out. As I'm riding the light stays on until I come to a stop then turns off wether I'm in gear or not. What could the problem be? EDIT Noticed post wasn't complete.
  2. Trans/Primary
    So I switched to a solid comp and Hayden tensioner all was well for 600 miles minus a whiring sound that I assumed was from Hayden tensioner after some research, then I developed some serious knock/chain slap noise, took primary cover off and found chain slap marks on top of primary cover. So I...
  3. General Service and Repair
    I recently put a new front tire on my 01 FXDWG, took the caliper off and bled the brakes during the process. Bike rode and ran fine after that along with front brake working two days ago, but noticed that the front brake did not have a lot of pressure so decided to bleed them again. Bled them...
  4. New to the Community
    Hey everyone , I guess I'm the new OLD" kid " ,on the block , its all good and yes I'm still a Kid . Wanted to say hello, and see if I can get some info on a ride I picked up .from a debt owed . Cheap!
  5. General Service and Repair
    Bike: 2014 XL1200T Mileage: 5000 Problem: when I turn on the bike all of the lights turn on , on the speedo, momentarily per usual but when I start it, it kind of struggles and the transmission light illuminates for a few seconds then turns off. This has only been happening for a week or two...
  6. Trans/Primary
    2010 FLHTP, clutch lever went floppy on me, assumed cable broke, replaced cable with OEM cable. Still no resistance on clutch lever. Removed derby cover to do clutch adjustment. Broke free the clutch adjustment nut, however the push rod will screw in a bit to make contact with pressure plate but...
1-6 of 6 Results