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wide glide
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  1. General Service and Repair
    I recently put a new front tire on my 01 FXDWG, took the caliper off and bled the brakes during the process. Bike rode and ran fine after that along with front brake working two days ago, but noticed that the front brake did not have a lot of pressure so decided to bleed them again. Bled them...
  2. Electrical
    I’ve recently been having problems with my 2001 Wide Glide where the battery is not charging and eventually dies. Currently the battery is reading about 11.7 volts when it runs - last weekend I put a new stator and voltage regulator in and right after that it was putting out around 14 running as...
  3. 2005 Wide Glide

    Wide Glide and lots of Chrome
  4. My New 2010 Wide Glide

    2010 Wide Glide
1-5 of 5 Results