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  1. General Motorcycle Related
    I'm looking to get some help on this I just bought a Sportster that wouldn't kick over I think I troubleshooted it to the starter. I got a new starter I just can't figure out how to take the primary cover off. Or if there's an easier way to get to the starter. If I could get any advice that...
  2. Shined Up

    I stayed up 'til midnite cleanin' and shinin' her. This was what she looked like afterwards. BTW, Eagle One's NEVR DULL wadding polish is the best metal polish PERIOD!
  3. The 3 Sportys (2)

    We rode 'em back to my house after gettin' ripped off at TCHD. That's mine in the front. :-D
  4. The 3 Sportys

    Me and my best friends' Sportsters at Thunder Creek H-D
  5. My '04 Sportster 1200 Custom

    My bike at Thunder Creek H-D the day after I got it.
1-5 of 5 Results