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  1. Custom, Chopper General Discussions
    Hey fellas, I picked up this 1969 XLH classic sportster that has a beautiful paint job that (as far as i can tell) is from the early 70's. I bought this bike in Detroit over the weekend and I can't get over how wonderfully its been maintained. It has a car alternator in lew of a generator...
  2. Sportster.jpg

    My 1982 Sportster Ironhead XLH1000
  3. Trans/Primary
    Hello all, I have a 91 xlh 883 that will not move once put in gear . Since this problem first arose I have replaced clutch with a Barnett's extra plate kit and adjusted it to spec did nothing. I believe it is something to do with the clutch basket the problem started while moving down the road.
  4. General Motorcycle Related
    I have a 73 XLH. I went out the other day to see how weak my battery was so I could go for a ride and when I turned my key the battery was cranking but not enough to fire, and then when I cut the key and kill switch it kept cranking and I got a little bit of smoke so I disconnected the terminal...
  5. 1971 Xlh

1-13 of 13 Results