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02 TC 88 upgrade

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Hi I have a 02 TC 88. I have recently purchased a new SE-204 Cam and found on ebay a set of new SE cast high compression pistons. Is there any issues running the two on the same engine. I do understand I will need to check clearances on the valves. I will be running the stock heads. Also have a CV carb
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I don't believe high compression & a SE-204 cam will like each other . Although I could be wrong . I think the SE-204 cam was made as a drop-in using stock springs-compression-heads . A good mechanic could with some other mods make it work though .
your right about the se 204. the only thing I read was head gasket thickness can effect clearances. But have not read anything yet that says you cant run the 2 together.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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