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07 FLHX, spark test with fuel tank removed?

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I am trying to do a spark test on my '07 Street Glide with the tank removed, but it appears the starting circuit is not complete now. I pulled the tank earlier to remove and test the coil, and replace the plugs and wires. The coil tested fine. After that I disconnected the Power Commander, because I think that may be the issue causing engine code P1356. Before I removed the tank, I did a spark test, and had no spark at the rear cylinder. I don't want to put the tank back on until I do the spark test again, unless it needs to complete the staring circuit for some reason (fuel injection). Does anyone know if that is the case or not?

Thank you for the help.
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I think the ECM needs to see compression for spark to happen. So leave a sparkplug in the hole, and another in the wire grounded to cyl.
Yes, I do have a plug in the hole. But now the starter does not crank over.
Since the tank is off, the connector to the fuel pump/module is off, and the fuel line not connected.
Do you think that would keep the starter circuit from being complete?
I haven't run into a tank off attempt at starting. I have pulled my fuel pump fuse and started the bike(for an instant) to relieve pressure in the line before disconnecting from tank.
Did you plug the maxi-fuse back in ? Everything else plugged back in besides the tank pump connection ?
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