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09 Harley Rocker

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Just finished installing the Danny Gray seat lowering kit. Dropped the seat about 3.5 inches and got rid of all the hardware on the original seat and support brackets. This is what Harley should have done in the original Rocker design. What a difference in the ride and appearance!!


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Nice, my brother in-law has a rocker. He went with a solo seat also big difference from stock.
Great seat !

I put the same seat [minus the flames] on my 08 Rocker. It looks and rides super. Here is a pix of it....
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I have been running that setup for a couple years and it works great. Hope you got saddle gel...helps with comfort...
Did you put the plastic anti scratch film on the fender? Make sure, keeps it from getting scratched. Your local three m dealer can sell you a piece if needed.
I also put pro. rear shocks and lowered it 1.5 inches. Put pro. Springs in front.
Tip I used from some other folks on here, get a rear bump stop for an 07 softail and install. It is the same size and fits the same holes, but the rocker one has a huge piece of metal on it. Only seven bucks.
Enjoy your rocker, they are great bikes once you set them up right. Ride safe.
Will do..............Ride it like you stole it!
Rear Seat

Hey Colt 45.....how did you attach the rear seat?
It is suction cup held on. Uses 6 of em.They really hold tight, you have to pull up on a little tab on each one to break it free. I have ridden several hundred miles now with it on and it has never even hinted at coming loose.
nice job looks great
I have a 2010 and moved the peddles forward 6" instead of moving the seat down and back. Your bike looks really well taken care of. Enjoy !

Where did you get the rear tail lamp setup ? Gotta move my plate down to the side this winter, was just legalized to do so here in Pa.
Made it myself. Removed the rear tag bracket and picked up a tail light repair kit from Walmart (comes with clear, amber and red lens plastic sheets. Made a template of the rear light lens and the vertical chrome tag mount ( has two holes in it ) traced the templates onto the red lens sheet, cut them out and pealed the backing off to expose the sticky side .....them firmly mounted one over the original clear light and the other over the chrome tag mount to cover the two holes.


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