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09 Softail Deluxe Won't Start

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I can't get my 09 Softail started. This started after I washed it recently and it was running fine up until then. I know there is no fuel shut off but was wondering if I may have disconnected something. I know that I have fire and can hear the fuel injector sound when I turn on the ignition. Also, when I squirt a little starer fluid (hate doing this) in the carb it will sputter but doesn't start. About to load it up and haul to dealer so any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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No carb on a 09.They are fuel injected What you hear is the fuel pump when you turn the ignition on. Check your kill switch you may have shut it off when you washed the grips and controls.
What type of air cleaner. Exposed? No air, fouled plugs.
Make sure the fuel line is firmly seated in the tank bung. Unplug it and plug it back in making sure it clicks into place.
Isn't it nice when guys with one post don't have the decency to post back.:whizz
Or do an intro in the first place
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