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103 cams

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I have a Softail Breakout with the 103. I want to upgrade the cams to to get the maximum amount of lope along with either low to mid power or across the board power. I would also like to increase the compression ratio and have this thing running and sounding like a beast but I dont want gas PING I want to be able to run on the fuel at the pumps.

Which cams are going to provide the maximum amount of lope plus provide added horse and torque along with the ability to up the compression ratio?

Am I going to need to do any head work?
Which Pistons?
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Comp Cams need to come out with some Thumper-cams for Harleys .
So many people want that big block cammy sound without all the problems associated with big duration camshafts !
What problems are you speaking of?

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I have a 103 in a 2011 Road King Classic. I have Screaming Eagle 255 cams, SE roller lifters, adjustable push rods, SE fish tails, SE pro-tuner, SE clutch spring, SE Terminator air cleaner, Vance & Hines true dual head pipes, otherwise the engine is all stock, original 63hp and 81 tq NOW makes 87hp and 111 tq, all with stock compression and heads on pump gas, no pinging or excessive heat. Get about 45-48 mpg when I ride "normal" but can drop to low 30's when I get up on the cams. Hauls ass well for an 1100 pound bike loaded with gas and me. AND I don't have to do fuel additives or keep looking for race fuel. Depends on what you want the bike to do- I would not bump up compression for street use.
I am very pleased with the performance jump! Really kicks in at 3000 rpm, pulls well up to 5k+. All for around $3k.
Andrews 48's or the Wood 222's will do it.:thumbsup
My 103 with 10-1 compression and the right cams make a screamer on pump gas also no need for comp release heads.
use the S&S 510 gear cam its the largest one you can use before head work. you also elininate the cam shoes. i have one in my '09 tri glide & you can throttle up in 5 at 45 mph. best decision ive made. also upgrade your to a beisley oil spring that will help some. i use a fueling spring, my oil pressure is 55 psi anywhere a-bit above idle. local shop called S&S and they liked the better spring, because the cams are installed with with squirl cage bearings & there-fore need immediate oil pressure to prolong life. the mechanicwho installed my gear drive owns 2 t/c,s & says he wouldn't own a twin cam t/c without a gear cam.
if the shoe goes out you'll loose the oil pump & lower bearings.
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