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12" rise handle bar install

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I am going to be installing 12" Vindikta 1.5" dia. Bagger Bars, I already have +8" wiring extensions for all electrical connections.
My question is will I need longer clutch and brake lines or will the stock lines be long enough.
If longer lines are needed where is a good place to get them. Thanks
These will be going on a 2013 FLHTK Limited
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It can vary among brands of 12" bars. When I added 12" Wild 1 Chubbys I didn't need new clutch or brake lines. But looking at it had there been ANY more rise or ANY more pull back it would have needed both.
Thanks Wrgiacona I guess I will just have to measure once the bars are on.
Now I just have to check to see if I have the one piece brake lines or the modular brake lines, hopefully I have the modular then I can just order the 4" longer upper line without replacing the whole thing.
I put 10.5" WO bagger bars on my 2011 Ultra. I had to do a new clutch cable. The brake line barely worked. I'd bet the house you'll need both, but you'll want to measure first to be sure.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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