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1200 Sportster noisy engine

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Hi Guys. My 2013 xl 1200 ca custom sportster has a noisy engine. I have taken it back to the dealer for a check and they said that all sportster engines are noisy. What sort of noise is standard? I have had my sportster for a year and it has 3700km on the clock, so still pretty new to Harley. Otherwise it is an awsome machine. Thanks in Advance.
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check ur heat shields if they become loose it gives a noisy engine sound. mine came loose and i swore it was in the engine. a buddy grabbed the heat shield and it stopped sounded perfect so i tightened them down and no noise
What do you mean by noisy? Sportsters are, by no means, have a quiet engine. Lots of rattles and such. Valve train noise, etc. Should not be "knocking" or making scraping noise, but general "trashing" and such is normal.( Never going to sound, quite, like a Asian bike quiet)
Thanks for the response. The noise is as mentioned, a valve train noise or something like that. No knocking or scrapping. When i ride and bring my left knee up against the tank, no noise. As soon as my leg leaves the tank area i hear the noise. maybe this is normal and i just needed to hear from riders who know these motors.
Thanks for the suggestion on checking the heat shields.
mine sounds like a heavy duty sewing machine and so do others ive sat on, you cant hear it unless your sitting on them.
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