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14 street glide apes

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I am prepping for 10 or 12 inch ape install on the first rainy weekend. A couple questions for you guys who have done your own installs? I have a klockwerks 6.5 flare shield on it, am I gonna have any clearance issues with that? Several guys have said no extensions on wiring or hydraulic lines will need changed, just are routed. Anyone have pics of where you re routed them? Any tips or tricks would be appreciated, I am wanting to save some cash doing it myself instead of 1200 to stealer!
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My friend had the dealer put 10" bars on his 14 sgs, they told him that was the max height he could go without changing the cables and wires. Being that you are looking at 10" or 12" bars I really don't think you will any issues with your windshield interfering, maybe if you were putting apes on but I doubt it.
Keep in mind bar sizes can vary by manufacturer. My Yaffee 10"s on my 2004 FLHT sit about 3/4" under my KW 6.5 windshield. I would think 12"s would hit your windshield. Hope this helps.
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