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18" Carlini Gangster Apes

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18" Gangster Apes in very good condition. I'll throw in the cables. Asking $250. plus actual UPS shipping. I realize when you zoom in on these they look discolored, they are not. The chrome is clean.


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I may still be interested softail. Are you keeping the risers?
i may be interested also, what about the risers? thanks
I am keeping the risers. These are going on Craigslist Monday if not sold on the forum.
I'll pass without the risers. Thanks tho. Good luck.
Sorry boys, the new bars are on and I kept the risers on. You'd be hard pressed to find these bars for $250 WITH cables. Bars alone are $350. If they don't sell now the'll go in the winter when all the cold weather sets in and bike rebuilding/mods start.

Thanks for the interest.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts