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1990 FLHTC Electra Glide

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New to the forum. I recently bought an older bike. 1990 Electra Glide. Waitng for the service manual to arrive in the mail. Wanted to put fresh fluid in all three holes ans take for a cruise this weekend. Any body on here have the specs for the oil. How much goes in the bike etc. I think the old man said he had 20w-50 Hrley syn. in it. How much goes in the bike. How much goes in the Primary and transmission and what brand to you guys reccomend?
Thanks in advance.
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Start with 3.5 quarts for the motor and adjust per the dipstick.

Put a little in the filter before you spin it back on.

I use just under a quart in the transmission, again use the dipstick.

The primary is right at 1 quart. Cover the bottom edge of the pressure plate on the clutch.

I use moco 20x50 in the motor. Syth primary/trans fluid in the primary and Red Line Shock Proof in the trans.
Thank you sir. Now just have to sit through one more day of work before I can ride.
FWIW, Synth oil is great, but I had over 100K on my first with dino oil in Texas heat with no issues at all.

I put a new motor in the curent bike and I'm staying with the dino oil. I change the motor oil every 5k and trans & primary every 10k. It's easy to keep track of watching the odometer.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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