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Morning all, putting my bike back together from paint and want to add a quick disconnect for the tour pac. Problem that I'm finding is Harley only makes them for 1997 and newer and I haven't had any luck finding aftermarket. I did try the search function first, but didn't get the answers to my questions.
I really don't care if it has quick connect latches, I am OK with truning a few bolts. It would be cool if I could remove the complete unit from the back for a clean look, or my second choice would be to mount a small luggage rack and bolt and unbolt the pac from that. The stock mount system has a large plate welded to the luggage rack that the tour pac bolts to. I do not like the look of the plate on the rack so running just that is not an option.
1. Has anyone done this on a older bike?
2. What about not running anything back there, does the frame need the bracing from the rack for structual support? This may be what I end up doing.
3. Anyone take one from a 97 and mod it to fit a 96?
4. Anyone know the difference in the frame between the 96 and 97, I am assuming this is why it would not work.
Thanks for any help!!!
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