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I am having a no spark issue when the bike is warm. I added heat to the coil and was able to reproduce the symptoms.

Changed out coil with new and took it for a test ride.

Came home and went out to start and had no start.
Checked spark. No spark.
Swapped out coil with old and still no spark.
Waited a while and it started fine with either coil.

Tried to add Heat to the ignition module thinking this was the only other item that could be affected (per the manual) and the bike would start regardless.
rode it around to get it warmed up again and then it would not start again....Felt the ignition module and it was cool to the touch.
It is acting like the coil is bad (since both sides will not fire) once warm....
hard to believe that both plug wires have gone bad at the same time....
Also checked all grounds. Clean and tight.

Thinking about maybe crank sensor. only issue is the service manual doesnt mention it at all as a no start /hard start culprit. But I see it mentioned alot online.

Any ideas?
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