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2001 FLSTC. Need A lot of HELP.

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I found a 2001 FLSTC at a local Junkyard, with most of the things missing except the chassis and the Engine.
I am not in the USA, or anywhere near a Harley dealership worth mentioning. We do not have people who know much about repairs & maintenance of a Harley. That said, I still chose to take on the challenge, and imported most of the stuff from the USA. I have now arrived at the wiring, and found there is a "TSSM" fitted. as soon as the ignition is switched on, the Turn Signals start flashing, I am scared to try and bypass the TSSM, for fear of damaging the ECM.
Dont have a Fob. The ignition and the speedometer are used replacements, There is no light on the speedo. Trying to keep this short!
Can anyone help?
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Google "replacing harley davidson tssm with tsm". There's a ton of info (not all accurate), but I believe it requires a dealer to perform the marriage to the ecm. Note; you are working with a 20 yr. old system, many HD dealerships don't work on 20 yr. old tech.
Another hurdle you face is changing a speedometer requires use of a H.D. digital tech to synchronize the different speedo to the ECM. Another protection measure so speedometer readings can't be easily changed. I feel your frustration, but you can overcome these "tests".
Can't be done. Once a speedometer is married to a bike, that's it. No swapping between bikes after that.

Only way around it is to buy a new speedometer, and it will need to be programmed by the factory with the correct miles.

My comment "you can overcome these tests", was not for getting the speedo working, but to his overcoming all of the roadblocks he's encountering on this build.
^^^^^^^^^^^^ I have no solutions to modern interface problems, I only remember reading of all of the pitfalls that can/will/do occur. When I rebuilt my '68 Shovelhead I ended up with about 4 or 6 wires total. Ign./horn/lights/stop.
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