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2001 FLSTC. Need A lot of HELP.

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I found a 2001 FLSTC at a local Junkyard, with most of the things missing except the chassis and the Engine.
I am not in the USA, or anywhere near a Harley dealership worth mentioning. We do not have people who know much about repairs & maintenance of a Harley. That said, I still chose to take on the challenge, and imported most of the stuff from the USA. I have now arrived at the wiring, and found there is a "TSSM" fitted. as soon as the ignition is switched on, the Turn Signals start flashing, I am scared to try and bypass the TSSM, for fear of damaging the ECM.
Dont have a Fob. The ignition and the speedometer are used replacements, There is no light on the speedo. Trying to keep this short!
Can anyone help?
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The TSSM needs to be installed in it's correct location in the bracket behind the battery box or the BAS will trigger the security feature. Verify the TSSM P/N is 68923-00*.
The '01 FLSTC came with the button FOB, doesn't need to be by the bike unless setting or disabling the security.
I 2nd the H-D factory manuals. In the OP's case the electrical diagnostics manual would be most useful.
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That P/N 68920-07 TSSM doesn't match what's supposed to be in your model FLSTC. Your bike shipped new with either 68921-01 TSM or 68925-00D TSSM.
Check the P/N on your ICM, should be 32568-00C.
OK the ICM and TSSM numbers are correct for your model bike. Either one or both could still be causing problems. Not having access to a dealership is a problem.
One solution would be to replace the ICM and TSM / TSSM and marry the pair to your bike. Easier to do on a carbed bike, the procedure is in a sticky here in the electrical section. The parts will need to be new and you could use just a TSM rather than the security module.
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Also I'm assuming your bike is a HDI model, that's what I've been checking part numbers on.
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If you can find a CDI ignition that uses a crank trigger signal I suppose that would work. In that case you could use an aftermarket turn signal module for the lights function.
Harley TC ECMs and ICMs use crank trigger (CKP) signals for ignition timing among other things. CDIs use a pickup that uses the cam for timing. The crankshaft and camshafts turn at different speeds.
I'm unsure if any company sells a CDI that uses the CKP sensor signals.
If you can locate a standard non security TSM on the cheap I would go ahead and try that. At this point I suspect you're at a road block and need to try something. It appears the other avenues aren't going to pan out.
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