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2001 FLSTCI tank help

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Hey guys I need some assistance with a newly acquired tank. Got a 2001 FLSTCI tank off Craigslist for $40 the other day and it's in perfect shape, just need of a good wax and polishing job. I am debating putting it on my 2002 XL 1200 because I love the look of the fat bob tank and the color scheme is my favorite (luxury blue pearl). I know I'll need to figure out the mounting issue (that's pretty simple in my opinion and the least of the worry right now) but I'm lost on if the tank itself will work for my bike. The tank is for a FI bike, I have a carb. From what I can see, I didn't see any special guts in the tank and though I may need to get a different petcock (depending on if my current one will match up with the threads on the bottom of the new tank or not). There is also not a big hole at the top of the tank where the sending unit normally sits covered by the bezel/dash piece. Short of the sticker on it (from the moco) it looks just the same as a carb tank to me. With all that said, here are my questions:
1. Do you think based on my description, that this tank will work?
2. Would this tank have a reserve?
3. Am I an idiot for going this route? Should I just resell the tank and make a little money or put it on the wall as wall art or what? Personally I want this tank on my sporty; it will further enhance the style and overall look that I am going for.

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It should work. The only reason there is an EFI specific tank is to accommodate installation of the pump in the tank. A carbed bike gravity feeds the fuel. You don't need any of that stuff. Just seal it up.

If you get the correct petcock, you'll have a reserve. There really is no reserve tank. When the fuel drops below that brass tube sticking out of the top of the petcock, it can no longer draw fuel. Switching to reserve simply switches to an alternate opening lower on the petcock. It's the same tank.

The "reserve" concept is really just a reminder to get gas before you run out. That's why you can eff yourself if you don't switch it back when you fuel up.
Chasarms, Thanks brother. As I was looking at it, it seemed that it would be a simple thing for this tank, especially since the guts and pump are not in the tank and there is no open spot like the some of the newer tanks have (under the dash in the top-middle of the tank).

Next thing I have to do is get the petcock, figure out the most efficient way to mount it (by either making a special bracket or drilling through the backbone), and clean it out and ride.

Thanks again brother, I appreciate it.
Hey guys, so I am curious of something. I am going to put the softail tank on my sporty; should I get the petcock for the 2001 Heritage or just use my current one? My current petcock fits with no problem (the main nut is the same exact part between both bikes). My initial thought was to upgrade the petcock, but since all I'm doing is basically making my tank bigger, the flow is still going to the sportster carb and engine. With that said, should I upgrade to the softail or stick with my stock sportster petcock? (here is a picture of it mocked up, waiting on the dash and all but I like it so far)


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If it fits, you must acquit.
sounds good to me. Any idea why the petcock would be different? Carb was the same on the heritage in 2002 as the carb on my 2002 sportster; only difference was the needle.
Could be the length of the reserve tube.
Could be the length of the reserve tube.
Most likely. You may have twice as much reserve as you think you should or half as much!!

But, since the tank isn't sitting at the same angle it would on a ST anyway, you're going to have to deal with that in any case.
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