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2007 Road King Turn Signal Issue

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My bike has an aftermarket part which permits the rear turn signals to also serve as running lights. The right signal/running light just began burning very dim, and the turn signal, when activated, flashes fast. Additionally, when activated, the right turn signal indicator flashed normally for the first three blinks, then blinks very fast. I have changed the bulb, but the problem still exists. Front signal seems to function properly as does both left signals/running light. Does anybody have any ideas as to what the problem might be?
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Yes, the "aftermarket" box has failed. Or at the very least, there's a bad connection involving the box and the rear lamp.
Unhook the box and see if the signals work correctly.
Disconnect the bypass module that makes your lights become multi functional and test your turn signals. I it works ok, then your aftermarket part went south. If the problem is still there, then take apart and inspect your turn signal housing for shorting, and move on to your tail light assembly. From there follow your wires as far as you can see. if you don't see any frayed or pinched/exposed wires, I suggest you open up your switch housings. might have a wire making contact which can overload your system. Also, this will be a great time to put some di-electric contact grease in the terminals to prevent corrosion. Hope this helps, good luck.
By Pass module checked out ok. I checked the actual bulb receptacle. The bub will work as it is supposed to if it is pressed firmly into the receptacle, and will remain working until it vibrates out of a very specific place. What, if anything, can I do to enhance connectivity short of replacing receptacle?
try some dielectric grease... :dunno

I would be ordering a new socket if I couldn't get it to hold the lamp
If you recently replaced the bulb, it's possible you may have been sold the wrong type or wrong wattage. Mass produced by the thousands, sometimes it's possible to get an "irregular" bulb. Maybe the little pins on the side of the bulb's base are misshapen or improperly located. I've had stranger things happen.

Try swapping the bulbs in the rear turn signals.

Take a wad of steel wool or a shot gun bore brush and clean the socket out. The steel wool will clean the contacts and the socket sides real well.
Apparently, the new bulb was the problem. I replaced the bulb again, with bulb grease, and it is now working properly. Thanks for all of the suggestions.
That's what we are here for!
I just had a similar issue with my right rear indicator. After the bike cooled off it started working again. Damn bikes have way to much wiring!!!!!!!!!!!
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