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"This just doesn't seem altogether right," was what I said to myself as I watched a patron sail through the large windows that open on to the sidewalk and let the evening costal breeze cool the remnants of a muggy summer day.

The erstwhile bipedal chap, now transformed into a flying mammal, landed on the tattered seat of a bicycle parked on the sidewalk. He was deemed troublesome by an athletic college lad who elected himself peacekeeper. Words were exchanged, gestures made, chests puffed up, but nothing came of it other than bruised egos.

Whiskey Richards, with its dearth of tables and chairs, punching bag machine as sole arcade game and grimy Men's room complete with busted-in-pieces non-functioning toilet, is where this bar room brawl took place, and it's about as hole-in-the-wall as a business could be. It really seems out of place in the tony ocean side community of Santa Barbara, CA.

In the game of Which One Does Not Belong that played continually in my head, the premium machines that brought me to Santa Barbara, the 2009 Harley-Davidson CVO models, fit much better in this town than Whiskey Richards.

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