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2011 harley deluxe

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I am new to the sight, glad to have found it tho!
I am wondering about ape handle bar options for a 11 deluxe this is my first harley I am tall long armed would like to know if anyone has ideas on this issue and also have a small wiring issue my spedo lights sometimes go off during rides and come back on all other lights stay on any ideas on that???

Thanks for help and happy to b alrt of sight!!!
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Welcome from Conway, SC.
Welcome to the Forum!
I had a 2012 Deluxe that I just traded in. It had the Harley Davidson 16 inch bars and 3 1/2 inch risers. They worked great for me,5'10" tall and it put my hands at shoulder height. With these bars you will need to get longer clutch and brake cables and extend the internal wiring in the bars. Your issue with the speedo light is probably a loose connection under the speedo housing. To access this area all you have to do is remove the chrome cap bolt in the center of the console.
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Awesome thanks for info man!
Click on Go Advanced , then click on the paper clip, browse your computer, attach photo then up load said photo. I always then re-click on the paper clip select the photo this will add it into the text so it can be seen in the post.
Do u have stoke risers or what do u use riser wise on ur bike when u put the apes on or what are options?
Is u have stoke risers on ur bike she u put the apes on olddog77?
Welcome to the forum, but I don't understand this language.
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