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2013 CVO Paint Codes

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I have a 2013 Screamin Eagle Road King in the anniversary colors diamond dust/ obsidian and I bought a tour pak that I need to get painted. I found that the paint coded are a closely guarded secret but I have a friend that paints thus saving me lots of money. Can anyone help
Thanks in advance
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Lots a luck. I doubt you will be able to get them.
Having the same problem with my 14 street glide....don't get me wrong I love my Harley but wtf with this paint ? picked up a set of lower leg fairings off ebay and its looking like I will have more cost in the paint even with me doing the work.
Ok, well I got tired of all the run around and ordered aerosol cans of base coat and clear coat from ebay. This is from Color rite and they claim it is the correct color match for my 2014 street glide. It set me back $ 46.00 and that will be cheep if in fact it matches ! It should be at my door on January 6th. I will keep you posted after I paint my lowers.
Ok guys I got them painted and the color is good but the clear they supplied was good but it did not have a nice fan spray out of the can. I am used to spraying from my trusty old Binks gun and I had to wet sand and hand buff but they look really good for a rattle can.I will try and post some pics soon. I would recommend it for small jobs like my lowers.

color rite paint


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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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