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Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am brand new to Harleys and haven't owned a motorcycle for more than 2 of the last ten years.

Long story short, I inherited my Dad's bike recently (will own forever). It has been sitting relatively unridden for the last 3 years due to estate stuff. Had it shipped to me over the summer straight to a shop for a safety inspection, etc. Picked it up in July and have had it in the garage since while I've slowly been working on titling issues. I have turned the bike over less than a dozen times in 4 months just to keep things moving. Long story complete, bike has zero miles on it since received.

Anyway, finally at the point of making it a daily commuter. I tried to turn it over, but it doesn't seem to catch. Symptom 1: Starter works, bike won't start.

After a couple rounds of killing the battery (there is a parasitic discharge that my dad never figured out), I finally pulled a can of starter fluid off the shelf. A short spray later, and boom....the bike starts for less than 2 seconds. Repeat, same results. Symptom 2: Bike starts with accelerant in the air intake.

I started thinking about the issue. Remembered hearing a buzzing sound when I would flip either the bike "on" overall or the start handlebar switch to "run". The buzzing under the tank doesn't happen anymore. Symptom 3: Noise from (possible) fuel pump not engaging/turning on.

After a few beers and some research, I've gotten real, real close to the fuel tank. When the bike is shut off, I can hear what sounds like a mechanical release of pressure?? or a valve opening. Symptom 4: Pressure release upon power cutoff.

After watching quite a few youtube videos, I can decisively say that I am a little underwhelmed by available content. Maybe I am just confused. My confusion: There is no fuse box behind the battery, per other heritage softail videos. Just a main fuse, straight to an electrical harness and a couple of associated fuses just below the main fuse in the same cap which all look good. Without this knowledge, I can't begin to deduce where I might be having electrical issues, or if the fuel pump has gone or is going bad. I have no paperwork or manuals to really get started for the time being. Youtube had me looking for the system relays, etc.. but that information is based on other year-model heritage softails.

The closest dealer/service shop is an hour away with a trailer that I don't have, so I am firmly attempting my own repair for the next few months at least. Plus, I think my Dad is messing with me from the grave by teaching me to work on his bike.

Again, any direction (service manual links, advice, etc) would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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