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2014 Backrest

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With the 2014 models HD changed the backrest pad for the tour pack. Gone is the flap that hung below and it was reshaped. My wife doesn't like it. She has a bad disk in her back and she says it pushes right on it and it gets painful. The old 2010 bike didn't bother her.

I looked on the HD parts website and they showed what looked like the old pad and said it fit the 2014. Spent $209 to find out it doesn't. The tour pack has been reshaped also and it is not even a close fit. Plus would have to drill new holes to mount it so I decided not to go this route.

I took the old and new pad to an upholstery shop and basically asked him to make the new one look like the old one. Cut the frame off where it hangs down, make a new flap and attach, and also shave some of the padding out in the area it hits her back. Here was the result.

She hasn't ridden with it yet but did a test sit. She says its much better. The guy did a really nice job and finally that unpleasant noise coming from the rear will go away.
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A lot of us have heard that noise from time to time......Glad you got it handled!
She's not a member here. Is she?

Didn't think so.


Upholstery shops can do wonders. I had one reshape my Mustang Vintage Wide for my RK; now I sit in it, not on it.
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