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I installed the new grips and ebay black levers on my 14 Ultra today.

I found the install to be harder than the same install on the left side of my 13, but the right side was easier than my 13.

Its a wash.

I bought Drag Specialties black levers p/n 0610-0791 off ebay for $50 shipped. The fit and function seems to be the same as the HD levers. The HD levers seem to have a touch more shine to them, but these match the finish on the switch housing very well.

$50 vs $112 Im happy with the Drag Specialities levers.

I installed grips p/n 56459-08. The left side seems like it will not go together, then all of a sudden it snaps in place. Im not 100% sure its right, all the switches work without binding and I don't see any pinched wires so Im hoping its ok.
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