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2014 Levers

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Im wondering if these levers will fit my 2014 Ultra with a hydraulic clutch.

The HD levers are $140.

Black Smooth Wide Blade Ergonomic Levers 2014 Newer Harley Davidson Touring | eBay
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:dunno but call them.
I had good CS experience when I got an ape kit from them.
If you check
Please choose your vehicle year, make and model for specific results.
And enter your year\make\model\ you did`t list sub-model

It says
This part is not compatible with 2014 Harley-Davidson Ultra.
But as Misinlink said, call to be sure.
I usually don't even look at the compatibility link because its almost always in error.

The link says it is compatible with 2014 Ultra Classic but not with 2014 Ultra Classic Project Rushmore.

Arent all 2014 Ultra Classics one and the same?

To clarifly, the listing should indicate if they are compatible with the hydraulic clutch.

Im looking for black levers for the 2014 Ultra at a better price than the $140 Harley levers.
I got those on eBay for $45 and they worked fine
Sorry mine were drag speciality black levers for 2014 models.
I found a set on ebay.

The tricky part is trying to figure out what the seller calls them.

In the past I have stumbled on some great ebay deals because the seller screwed up the description and no one found the auction, so I bid low and won.
I got chrome slotted ones from Dennis Kirk
1 Chrome Replacement Slotted Wide Blade Brake Lever - 0614-0807
Part #: 577997
$31.95 $31.95
1 Chrome Replacement Slotted Wide Blade Clutch Lever - 0613-0942
Part #: 577989
$31.95 $31.95
They are nice and installed in about 10 minutes.
Correct...the challenge is finding them for bikes that have hydraulic clutch.... I never changed the ones in the RGC CVO for that reason.

Now that most of the lineup has hydraulic clutch we should start seeing alternatives from the aftermarket.
Worst case e-mail the seller and ask them if they are compatible.
Cool! :thumbsup I too have black levers but looking for something that would match the exhaust tips and front lights. Something like these (waiting to see if I do not have to pay for the HD tax... )

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