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2014 Limited Phone Noise Cancellation

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Put 3500 miles on a 2014 FLHTK and everything going well. Bought a second set of headphones and played around with the intercom... while on the intercom I received a call and took it. The noise canceling wasn't working. I haven't been able to get the noise canceling to work since.. I know I must have done something in the program because I was screwing around with all of the settings. I cant find anything in the manuals. I went to the dealer and some of the kids came out to the bike. They agree something isn't working right because of all of the feedback. (I also can now hear myself taking through the headphones). The kids at the Dealer pushed a thousand buttons, scratched their heads and walked away.... Anyone got any ideas?

I don't take a lot of calls while riding but when I do, the person on the other end can barely hear me....
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Dumb question...is the mic turned towards you? Sorry, had to ask the simple question first...

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Does it have the latest software download? The latest software download that I know of was January I believe. Should have been done before you picked it up but if the dealer already had it on the showroom sometimes they get over looked. I had to carry mine back after I bought it in February for them to install it. I have noticed when I use mine for phone calls it is a hot mic on my side but the person on the other end of the call doesn't hear all the back ground noise. Not sure if it's the same with you I noticed you said the other person could barely hear you. Now with both headsets plugged up the other rider will hear the noise and they can have a hard time hearing everything based on their volume level. As far as I know there is no vox setting for the phone but if you have the vox set to a sensitive level then maybe that's the feed back you are hearing? I know I am always adjusting it while I'm going down the road. Hope this helps
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After reading ur post again it sounds like the vox is to sensitive and u need to turn it down. Another issue I've had is one of the pins bending on the wire where it plugs into the helmet causing it to send a lot of feed back into the headset. I just bent it back with my knife and it works great. That happened from plugging up after my helmet was already on so I couldn't see to line it up correctly. Hope this helps
I reset it to the factory settings and it cleared up the problem.... Hmmm. I have no idea what it was... I took it back to the same dealer today... They are stumped also.... I'm thinkin that it was some sort of glitch.... hopefully it will not happen again... thanks for all of the help...
Lynchmob.... I was thinkin the VOX somehow.. I tried all the way up, in the middle, and all the way down... with the intercom on and off... couldn't get the feedback and static out of it.... Either way... once I tried the factory reset its fine... on the way to the dealer, I used the intercom and made a few phone calls... all seems to be well.. I also noted where the factory reset placed the VOX (I took a pic of it)....
Ah one of those the joys of computers. Glad you got it working now.
Go back to the dealer and trade them the new style headset for the old one without the ear hangers - I went through same thing recently -new style doesn't work right with Rushmore radio in Ultra Limited.
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