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2014 SG with 4.3 Infosystem (Installing Amp)

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I have a 2014 SG with Harley’s with the 4.3 radio but upgraded Boom speakers in fairing and saddle bag. I recently purchased the Rockford Fosgate 300x4 mini amp to install in the fairing.

1: Are there any known issues with installing this aftermarket amp on the 2014 SG (Non Special)?

2: Is there a noticeable difference in sound with this amp installed with the Harley Boom speakers?
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Welcome to the forum ,

I would upgrade those speakers , there not bad but you can do MUCH better. If you look at most nice systems the biggest difference in sound upgrades is the speakers. That RF amp is nice but most are using 2 300X2 amps vs 1 300X4 for 2 pairs of speakers.

The main issue with the new Boom head units is it will have to be flashed by the dealer to use the RF or even a Boom amp.

This is the flash settings you need per Rockford Fosgate ,

Amp 1 installed - NO

Amp 2 installed - NO

8 Speakers - checked
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I did a lot of changes also but what I found is changing the fairing speakers was the primary difference in hearing the sound when cursing at 70 mph. I originally added lid speakers without placing a amp on them and the bike sounded great sitting but I still had a problem hearing the tunes clearly at 70mph. Once I added a amp and replaced the fairing speaker there was a world of a difference. I then added a HERTZ 5 channel amp with replacing front fairing speaker with hertz speakers and adding a 8 inch sub woofer in the rear left bag and two 6x9 in the right rear bag I was amazed. The cost for the sound I received is amazing. For 1500 installed I received a 5 channel amp upgraded front fairing speakers One 8 in sub and two 6x9 is a steal for the quality of sound I have now. I did have to have my unit re-flashed by dealer. I believe if you change the front fairing speaker and add lid speakers with a nice amp you will be satisfied. I just wanted a custom stereo system to go with the other upgrades I did to my scoot. I'm very pleased with the hertz series equipment. Everything was upgraded to hertz except the lid speakers. The lid speakers are HD BOOM 5X9 and they sound great amplified. I'm coming from riding without storage or bags so using my bags for storage isn't a issue for me but for some it is.

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