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2015 FLHTK Fuel Tank Console.

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Hello All,

I have a 2015 FLHTK. I love the bike! I hate the console CB pod insert! It looks cheesy and out of place with the rest of the bike. I know other riders who feel the same way. I did some searches through the forums and found other riders who ordered the inserts and medallions that are on the CVO's. I did the same and it looks really good!

I found the parts using Granite City HD OEM parts finder, they have the 2015 models, OEM Parts Finder Granite State Harley-Davidson Lebanon, NH (603) 448-4664 and ordered the parts from Kutter HD, Harley Davidson Parts | Screamin Eagle Parts | Performance | Boom Audio


The stock CB POD is held on by double sided tape, you will have to use some force to get it off, but it will come off without using any tools so you wont scratch up the console. I used some 3M double sided tape, it is pretty thin and has a red backing that peels off. It is doing the trick. The Medallion has an adhesive backing, so make sure you get it lined up on the pod before applying it.


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Much better!! Atleast you were able to buy the CVO parts, I know a lot of the parts specific to a CVO have to be ordered with a accompanying VIN from a CVO.
That is what I have heard. Thanks for the comment!
very nice. CVO tins require a vin to order. most other items not restricted.
Not restricted, I have the same setup on my 2011. Comes from the 2010 CVO. Really looks good.
Tell ya what. ..that looks great!
Thank you sir!
Dang it guys, Ya'll need to stop this crap... stop giving me ideas on what I want to do to mine.. lol

Looks good, parts added to my wish list.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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