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2015 Harley-Davidson Premium Dyna Suspension

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We’ve oft complained about the lack of travel in the stock rear suspension of Harley-Davidsons. Maybe we ride a little faster than we should, pushing the American cruisers and tourers beyond their intended performance parameters. Still, even if we didn’t, the 2.1 inches of travel in the twin shocks of H-D’s Dyna models is a minimalist approach to functional suspension.
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How is this jackass circumventing his ban?
Motorcycle-2014 is the account that VerticalScope/Motorcycle.com uses to post news items.....

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Ah. Using the app it just looks like a normal thread, and the user profile says banned
Yeah, I'm not sure why they put "Banned" in their title. :dunno
HD Premium Dyna Suspension Review

For all you Lowrider fans out there....

2015 Harley-Davidson Premium Dyna Suspension
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