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2015 Road Glide Headlight

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So I'm at the dealer lookin, and asked if the headlights were the daymakers , he waffled around and basically said no, but LED. The marketing says they are. So all you brothers who own one what say ye?
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I've seen them driving they are bright as hell
My info says...

"Dual reflector Daymaker LED"
since thay are advertised as DAY MAKER,and they are not, they should reimburse the price .. false advertisement????
Most salesman know less about the bike than a customer who has read the brochure. They DO know how to "spin" all of the extra charges that appear above the bottom line of your contract so your sphincter doesn't feel so violated when you walk out.
Theres 2 types of daymakers HD sales, they have the projector beam that look like an alien, that was the first style, then you have the refelctor series, they look like a traditional headlight but LED.
Top is projector,
Bottom is reflector


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2010hd, nice pics to illustrate. So these are the next gen if you will of daymaker lights?
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