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2015 roadglide air filter help

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This may be a super dumb question. I just got this bike home and am suser nervous to break it. Question is how do I remove stock air filter on this. Ordered a screaming eagle one that will be here in the morning
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Go to the link and enter your year/model, and open air cleaner section. The exploded view shows the fasteners.

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Owners manual, Service manual, parts catalog... A couple of cold ones and a little time reading the second item (SM). You'll be right as rain!
Cool Link Breeze. Thanks
The new air cleaner will come with directions.
There are no dumb questions! Just inquisitive idiots!

I have a 2015 Ultra Limited. I was nervous too, but it is a piece of cake. There are two screws that hold the air filter bracket to the throttle body, and the only way to get to them is by removing the 4 bolts that hold the fuel tank in place. You do not have to actually remove the tank from the bike but you need room to get an allen wrench in there to get them out. The first time I actually removed the console, unplugged the cables the hoses, and then I saw how a Harley tech did it. You don't have to remove the console. Remove your seat, put a blanket or something suitable where the seat was. Disconnect your fuel line, remove the 4 bolts holding the tank to the frame, you might want to do this on an almost empty tank. I did this from the left side, I also had my bike in a chock so it was straight up and not leaning on the jiffy stand. Lift up on the tank, keeping an eye on the cables coming from the console and rotate the tank 180 degrees and rest it on the blanket where the seat was. Now you have access to get those two screws out.
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thanks for your help on this.. changed it out for a screaming eagle one... thank you
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