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Collision 2017 t shirt order form:


T Shirt order form closed May 19. There's a long sleeve grey option this year as well.

Here's the info for next years event!!!!!

2 WHEELS ON THE PIG TRAIL is proudly hosting our 5th Annual Collision!!!! For those of us that attended last year, 2 Wheels was still under construction somewhat, but that is finished now. I've talked to Elise and expressed some concerns about shade on the deck, and made arrangements so that bottled water will be FREE this year, within reason of course, don't start filling your saddlebags...... :|

Check them out on Facebook!!!!!


Catering by: Catered Creations by Victor

Catered lunch will include: Pulled pork taco plate with beans and rice. (This MAY change)

$2 Beer specials !!!

Music by: Hands of Soul will be performing from 1pm - 4:30 pm

I spoke with some members last year, and asked about turning this ride into a charity event as well as a forum meet and greet, and the alumni loved the idea. With that being said, I had planned on making the donation to either a veteran in need, or some form of veterans association that is local to Eureka Springs, so there was no favoritism or anything like that, just a nice gesture by a great bunch of people.

As many of you know, a forum members son, has been in a devastating motorcycle accident VERY recently, and as of right now, is paralyzed from the waist down, and is going to face a very long road to recovery. The Fathers and I have decided that this years funds raised for charity, will go to that young man, Ryan Cloonan, Dave Cloonan aka Cloondog's son.

With that being said, this years cost for the event is $25 per person, $15 going to the catering and our share of the band cost, and the other money going towards the donation. By no means are you limited to only $25, if you want to donate more, PLEASE do, as this money will always go to a good cause.

In the interest of TOTAL transparency, I have set up a new Paypal account and email address for this event, and the password for those accounts will be given to 3 other people than myself. GTRman66 aka Roy, Silverback aka Dave, and Yon Yonson aka Mike will have 24/7 access to these accounts, so there won't be any doubt that all money's will be accounted for.

Copy and paste the link to pay...........

[email protected] is the email and you can copy and paste that to pay at Paypal as well.



IF YOU DON'T DO PAYPAL, PM me, and I'll send you my address and you can send a MO or check.

The Collision party will follow at dusk, at the Land of Nod Hotel, as usual, Iron balls Award handed out then, as well as the Fathers Choice Award.


Let's talk about the Nod....I'd like to thank mostly everyone for their help cleaning up after themselves, there are a few of you that need to step it up tho, I'm not your effin mother, nor are any other member in attendance....pick up your shit.

The Land of Nod, is sold out, for 2017, and has been since this years event. A lot of alumni and faithful attendee's were upset that they didn't get a room at the Nod, so this year, The Fathers and I decided to make sure that loyalty is rewarded, and allowed 3+ year alumni to PRE BOOK for next year. I want everyone to know that once a room becomes available, I will go to a "standby list" and let the next person in line to grab the room. ALL rooms default into my name once cancelled, and you have to have the PASSWORD to book a room. Again, loyalty/seniority will be rewarded. Once a room becomes available, I'll sound off if it comes up for Virgin consumption


I'd like to thank Silverback for the koozies, Bbally for the shot glasses and clams, and sleazybear for the huge cooler full of beer and soda....all generously donated out of their own pockets. Thanks again boys, without great people like you, this event would have failed by now.

We talked about going crazy for this years event, 2 bands, multiple dinners, etc.....but this event just seems to flow the way it is, so we said "eff it, leave it alone".

It's gonna be a great time, and now for a GREAT cause!!!!

Once you pay, your name will move off the fence and go to the "I'm in:" list!!!!

Iron balls Leader - gtrman66+1....PAID

I'm in:

Chief Illiniwek PAID
peanut +1 PAID
Miles Tequillya PAID
Gravel Gretzky PAID
Gravs +1 PAID
2stangs8689 +1 PAID
GotGold PAID
67Duce PAID
Chasarms PAID
Zelrick +1 PAID
AndyG +1 PAID
Delta +1 PAID
1shot PAID
Silvereagle50 +1 PAID
Fartboy PAID
Hammer71 +1 PAID
Fat99boy PAID
zeero +1 PAID
LouisvilleJoe PAID
Rudent +3 PAID
kd5cqt PAID
Silverback PAID
cloondog PAID
Baggerboy PAID
dub PAID
southernman67 +1 PAID
tommytailspin PAID
nipple surfer PAID
Bbally +1 PAID
Mister B +1 PAID
harvey13118 +1 PAID
LHardin PAID
Diezel PAID
pipewizard +1 PAID
Redman24 PAID
E4fn3 PAID
Jaxglide PAID
HarleyBob58 +1 PAID

Alumni On the Fence:

PAID Virgins

Ultralow PAID
Ziggy PAID
BaseballBiker PAID
Fred1369 PAID
Merlin07 PAID
Dagger PAID

Super Excited Virgin:
2005fxdc PAID


If you did book, or did pay, or don't plan to attend, I forgot to add PAID to your username, please bring it to my attention and I will correct the error.

Collision 2017 info:

June 10th, 2017, in Eureka Springs, AR.

The OFFICIAL Hotel is....SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!

The Land of Nod Inn

109 Huntsville Rd, Eureka Springs, AR 72632
Phone: (479) 253-6262

THE NOD IS SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!, I have set up more accomadations

DIRECTLY across the street from the Nod...PLENTY of ROOMS STILL AVAILABLE!!!!!!

Swiss Holiday Resort Guesthouse Inn and Suites PLENTY OF ROOMS, BOOK NOW!!!!

2015 E. Van Buren
Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Phone: (479)-253-9501


The list of excuses accepted for not showing up are as follows:

1. I am dead.

2. I/Spouse/Child was in the hospital.

3. I was medically unable to ride.

4. Death in the family.

5. Military obligations

The rest of them are...



10 am Friday....Guided ride to Branson, MO...this is led by Zelrick. Depending on group size, he may want assistance in the form of a tailgunner, that knows the area. HELMET REQUIRED IN MISSOURI FOR THE BRANSON RIDE!!!


There has been another ride tentatively planned to ride to Mt. Magazine and back. Several of the Tex/Ok guys have been thinking of a ride and that sounds like what we have come up with. Any and all are invited to make the ride with us. If you've never seen Mt. Magazine, it is a pretty cool place with some great views. I rode up to it on a 4th of July weekend one year. It was pretty hot at that time and I had to stop and put on a long sleeve shirt about half way up the mountain. I think it may be the highest point in Arkansas or something like that.

It would basically be taking the Pig Trail (Hwy. 23) down and Hwy. 21 coming back up. About a 280 mile round trip. Sorry, no Ferry ride involved. LOL

The Collision is a riders ride, no trailering in. Go to Sturgis if you wanna trailer your junk. Extreme medical exceptions only.......

Viet Nam 69/70
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OK about time. I'm in maybe see you the 15th not sure if Dave's family will be in Oswego then. Looking forward to C5. Cy'all there. Money sent Paypal

The Angry One
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I will definitely be making it this year so I'll get with the wife after the storm and see if she has a PayPal account. Thanks to all the guys that make this weekend possible every year.

Lost in Space
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I'll go as long as I don't have to ride 7 hours with Dave63 again.

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The Angry One
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Thanks for the support boys!!!

Viet Nam 69/70
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I'll go as long as I don't have to ride 7 hours with Dave63 again.

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Maybe Dave can bring some wax paper with him:devil

The Angry One
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I guess I'll go.....PAID

Asylum Inmate
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I am in plus 1.

I assume KD will give a hand with the oysters.

As we get closer I will get a handle on adding the shrimp boil quite a few said they were interest in ....

Stands why are you on the fence phucker?

Wedding rumor at collision still going? New tires on the smoker!
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