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This model has a blanking plate fitted instead of the main headlight, it looks pants. N addition the wiring harness is not standard & does not incorporate the 4 pin standard plug to fit a headlight easily. I searched around for info but didn’t find much so here is comprehensive information on how I fitted a new headlight. Disclaimer: I used Custom Dynamics Halo headlight with mounting bracket incorporated so if you use another Brand of headlight you may need to order additional parts.
Remove windshield & batwing fairing front. Remove right hand headlight & bracket disconnecting the two plugs. Note the headlight plug is the two pin, wire colour Blue/white stripe (high beam), blue/yellow stripe (low beam). Strip back the harness to expose the wires, this is where you splice into the harness (I used Positap wiring connectors 18 AWG & 18 AWG wiring for the extension wiring). Wrap the extension in tape for protection & feed up into the headlight area leaving plenty of spare. Replace the RH headlight. At this point you need to splice solder and heatshrink a H4 socket onto the end of the extension, use the black ground wire leading to the right turn & running lamp. When using the photo of a H4-TOUR-ADPT below for reference, Red (H) is High beam, Blue (L) is Low Beam, and Black (G) is ground.
Bicycle part Electric blue Font Wire Art

Here are wiring diagrams for 2021 Triglide Ultra:

In addition to the headlight and mounting ring, you will need: Harley headlamp retaining ring, part# 67726-08, (3) screws for the retaining ring part# 67721-48, Not required if using Custom Dynamics Probeam Headlight complete with mounting ring as these are included. Headlamp gasket part# 67716-60C, outer headlight trim ring part# 67712-83B, and trim ring springs par# 67780-60A X 2 which can be seen here: Ronnie''s Harley-Davidson''s 2021 Harley Davidson
Replace windshield & batwing fairing front. Install the new headlight & trim. This installation allow Low & high beam to be controlled from the headlight switch as normal.
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