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Does anyone have instructions on how to remove the battery on a 2022 Softail? With the new suspension spring under the seat on this model one can't just get to the battery from the top like in older models, and I could not figure out how to do it.

I want to install a connector for my wife's heated clothing gear (it's her bike!).

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I put a dedicated battery tender pigtail on my 2022 FXLRST (actually a Softail). I gave up on pulling the battery out because it was such a pain in the ass. You pull the right side cover off, pull off a plastic protector, move aside the wire holder and disconnect the negative battery cable. I you were going to actually remove the battery from the bike, you have to pull the dipstick out and stuff a cloth in the tube. Even with the dipstick out, you have to lift the battery up to clear the tube. I decided not to take it out. You can reach down through from under the seat with an extension and a 10mm socket and remove the battery bolt from the positive cable. Make sure the negative is disconnected and make sure the tender pigtail eyelets are on top of the cable. I got mine one without a problem without completely removing the battery. These factory engineers are practicing anal cranial inversion.😡
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