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'58 XL score

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I just scored this '58 XL, Top to bottom, nut and bolt resto. some of the finest work I've seen. The guy I got it from had some hard times and needed to get rid of his bikes. I also scored a '71 XLCH in the package deal. the 71 is a fresh rebuild with copper plated tin. not my first choice, but some people seem to like it, I've got the '71 sold and plan to keep the '58.


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Sweet !
I had to wipe the drool out of the corner of my mouth.
Bet they didn't come cheap. That guy does great work, I only dream of a score like that, but of course I hardly paid anything in my dream

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Oh please go to new members and introduce yourself.
Welcome from Oregon.

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Wow! !! Woweee wow wow!!!
To both!
Right place, right time. Congrats!
So, uh...

You got anybody you need, uh... disappeared?

I'm thinkin' we can work something out.
Sweet! Bold statement with those white grips, pegs and kicker pedal.
Nice looking bikes. It would seem you'd kinda hate to take them out on the road!
I sold the copper '71 to a friend, I ride the '58 on perfect days, (not many in Michigan) then end up with a good hour of cleanup after my ride. Bleach white on the grips and pegs, and Mothers on the cases and drums. sucks, but worth the effort.
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