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Hey... I'm looking to change from a 70 tooth to a 65 tooth rear sprocket but I don't see any listed for my 2000 Softail Nightrain with 1-1/8" belt thickness.
OK, here's my original thoughts...
I wanted more top-end so I installed a 34T (Was 32T) front pulley, now on deceleration the belt hits the starter shaft, but only when my wife rides with me (110 lbs.).
I tried other wives but I was caught & beat-up..."Just kidding!"
I'm thinking that if I use a 65 Tooth pulley, it'll be small enough to miss the shaft. Some earlier & later HD's have the same 34/65 combo but use either 20 mm, 1" or 1-1/2" belts!
I already installed the new belt & pulley (I have 60,000 mi., so it needed it).
I don't think running a 1-1/2" pulley with my 1-1/8" belt is the correct way to go, So...
Anyone else run into this problem or have any info on a 65 tooth pulley made for a 1-1/8 belt??
I already talked to the Tech guy at Andrews...
Nothing constructive to offer me, I was surprised!
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