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75 Shovelhead for sale in NJ...My bike

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Well, I'm no longer able to ride my shovel due to my disability. Plus, gotta pay off some medical bills. I sadly listed it on CL earlier today. Will give a break to forum members of course.

1975 Harley Davidson Shovelhead FXE FLH

Do NOT PM me here, since I'm not on the forum much anymore. Just reply to the ad.

Thanks guys....:)
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If I hadn't just dropped a huge wad on some business expenses I'd be all over this.

If by some miracle it's still there in a few weeks when I have a big payment coming in I'll be in touch for sure.
Hey 2stangs... Can I sell you your stuff back??? Lol

Wow... I would love that

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Says the ad has been deleted by the seller. Must have sold it.
Best wishes, Werloc.
Sorry to hear you have to give up riding Due to a Disability.

It sucks I know I went on Disability last summer with lung issues
I know what your going thru I had to sell a bunch of stuff but not My scooter .

Good luck with your health and we will still support ya in sprit and some BS too if we need to
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