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81 Sportster Charging Issue

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I am wondering.... Gonna test today. I have a 1981 ironhead. I have replaced battery,coil,regulator,generator this week due to charging issue. If this doesn't work does anyone have any further ideas ? And I keep it on a tender when not riding.
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Other than checking for a bad connection or broken wire somewhere in the charging system, that about covers it.
True but back from my ride and all seems well so I suppose I have it now. Thanks
Biggest cause of electrical problems on a bike are bad/loose connections. Take all the battery related cables, both ends off, clean and tighten.
Have you tested the charge voltage? Easy to do and gets around guessing.
Just out of curiosity, why did you replace the coil, if you had a charging issue?
Supposed to "flash" the generator too. Gets the polarity right.
Bob I changed coil just to go ahead and replace it while I was replacing the other parts. One less thing to deal with. And yes when I put the generator on I polarized it. I appreciate all the help it is fixed now and runs great.
Running good is good news !
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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