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93 cu inch S&S Panhead, 3 gears

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Here is a little fun on a motorcycle I built. I call it "3 gears on the Panhandler".

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Can't open
Try that link again! It took me a couple of tries to fix it.

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That sound spoke to me. I love it.
Beautiful bike!
Can't get the link to pull up, but that's one nice ride you got there!
Sounded like fun
It was fun, maybe this link will work better.

If that link worked this link is a walk around and ride on the Panhandler. This was my first bike build. It just took "Best in Show" in Kitimat BC. I sold it to a buddy in Hazelton. He's riding the sh!t out of it! Too cool, this is a blast around Smithers where I live. You can see my old 70 Chevy (daily driver) as I pull in. At the end there is a quick shot of my work space. Sorry about the wind noise.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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