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98 Wide glide wheel bearing removal

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I want to remove the bearings on my 98 wide glide so I can have my wheels powder coated (spoke wheels) How do I remove the bearings the HD manual just says if necessary to remove bearings use HD tool 33071 there has to be another way?
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Remove the seals and toss'em. The bearings will then fall out . If you want to remove the races , I either use a diegrinder to cut one side or just use a 12'-5/16" rod to pass through the wheel and knock'em out w/BFH .

You really need to go back with new races, bearings, and seals . :)
I bought the tool from George's Garage, it was worth it. Made remove and replace pretty easy. They have fairly inexpensive tools for HD.

Chassis Tools

You need the driver and installer, about $100 total.
On tapered bearing wheels if the OP doesn't have the experience he should take the wheel to a shop to have the work done.
When replacing the bearings and races the inner spacing needs to adjusted for the new bearing sets. That means having the correct spacer and shims.
I bought the tool from George's Garage, it was worth it. Made remove and replace pretty easy. They have fairly inexpensive tools for HD.

Chassis Tools

You need the driver and installer, about $100 total.
Thanks for this. I bookmarked it.
Fixin to change mine on my 2012 , ordered an HD ? remover tool $ 88.00 free shipping...waiting on the mail man as we speak..from E-Bay...
is it ok to just remove the bearing and seals and then have the powder coating done with the races still in the wheels? the bearings look good and I checked the wheels (runout?) before I removed them. Or should I remove the races?
yup i would remove race-
Ask the people doing the powder coating. The wheel needs to be baked after powder coating and the bake can affect the races, the races could fall out ! Once the races are out they need to be replaced. Never re-use races and bearings, IMO.
Also never put a new bearing into a used race. It most likely won't last.
so best practice is to just remove the races and put in new bearings, races, and seals....Hoh hum....HD= Hundred Dollars.....hmmm hmmm.....if I take it to someone do they need the whole bike for the spacers or just the wheels. I'd like to buy the tool and do it myself but I'm not 100% sure of what needs done....
You only need to take the wheels to have them done. Take the axles too, they use the axles to torque the bearings to check end play and measure for shims etc.
is there anywhere where it tells how to do this or is this best left to experienced folk?
The H-D service manual outlines the entire procedure. The manuals cost approx. $60.00, money well spent.
There might be a video on Facebook or Youtube too.
Ok I do have the manual just not sitting right next to me (born to ride forced to work to pay for my bad habits) I'll do some reading when I get home I may just do this my self if I can...we'll see.
Just a warning, the tapered bearing end play adjustment is critical. If memory serves me the spec is .003" under torque with dry bearings.
Magnetic base dial indicator mounted to the brake rotor.
Do you even have the proper tools to do this job ?
Just remember that when it comes to tapered bearings a little too loose is better than a little too tight!

I had no idea HD used tapered bearings for axle bearings. I guess it makes sense though.

I'm going to look at my service manual to see when they need repacking.
Your '09 has 1 piece sealed bearings not tapered.
Your '09 has 1 piece sealed bearings not tapered.
1999 was the last year for tapered (Timken) bearings.
The bearings are about $15 (bearing & race) and the axle seals are $4and you need two of each, both are list price from any parts warehouse. ( JP Cycles, Dennis Kirk etc.)
I have the HD removal/install tool. With the shape of the hub I don't see how you can get anything behind the race to drive it out, and if you do you run a risk of damaging the wheel ($400 wheel instead of dropping $100 for the tool you will need again if you plan on keeping and riding the bike)
Your choice...
If you've got a welder just run a bead around the inside of the race, it'll shrink and drop right out.
don't have a welder (would like one but you know bills...life...etc..) maybe someday... I will buy the tool and any other tools I may need I do plan on keeping this bike for a long time and possibly buying another one of same vintage possibly older (everything is better with age right) so I will use the tools I buy and I have friends you know so they can come over(and bring beer) and borrow my tools(in my garage of course no tools leave the garage unless their in my hands!
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