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A more forward Dyna/WG.

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I have a 99 wg.(hence my handle),not too original..oh well! I have the stock fwd. controls and i just feel like a bit more room to stretch out the legs would be nice. I'm 6'2" and not that i don't like the stock setup,but a new position might be nice. The bike is lowered 1" and the stock bars do not sweep back like they do on the bike when new,a little more ape-ish.
Any opinions on the 3" extention Kuryakin mounts w/linkage ext.?
Found a kit for dyna's at leather-up for $159.00...
Anybody regret adding these to the wide glide?

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Just for cruising sake, ever consider an engine guard with highway pegs? I don't have any input on the mounts but figured at least I would bump the thread.
Well i forgot to mention that the wide glide has a set of hwy. pegs already(mustache bar). I like them and on a wide glide they look better than the big engine guard/hwy. bar.
I was looking for some feedback on the extensions for everyday riding around and short trips. Do they seem too far fwd. for some of you who have them?

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