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Accessory Fuse Blowing

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13 SG. ..I had a problem with my 15 amp accessory fuse blowing...turns out the harness in the fairing was rubbing the edge of the radio and was grounding..the tech said it was a very common problem..just throwing it out there incase any of you guys are having an issue with it...this is the fuse that feeds turn signals, brakes, etc. ..
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Yep, old ongoing problem. The harness can rub thru on the inner fairing support bracket and also on the radio heat sink among other places.
Just found this same problem on a buddies EG.
My buddy's '07 radio was blowing fuses. Wire was rubbing on the radio heat sink. I've adjusted my harness, and tie wrapped a piece of inner tube around the wires.
I found the dead short by mistake ! I just happened to be in the fairing installing the HDBT, and while I was tidying up all the wires again, SPARK ! The same location as everyone else ! Tach wire harness rubbing on the radio bracket..:frown Just glad I found it in the garage and not on the road.


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