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Air ride remote help

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Doing air ride on the bike and was going to order a 12v remote kit that comes with the receive and key fob. Any clue on basic install? Diagrams or anything be great. I order the dirty air ride kit I assume ground is ground, and power needs to connect to the compressor, and maybe a wire that connects to the dump valve not sure.
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Don't have a clue about how to hook up the remote, but the kit will come with a 3-way toggle switch. Up airs the shocks up and down dumps air out. Pretty simple kit to install. But I have no idea about the remote kit.
I found a wireless remote and receiver that is used on 12v products it's geared toward LED lights and has 4 wires power, ground, power out, antenna. I assume I can use this to control the air ride.
I would think you should be able to wire it in somehow. But I would have no idea. I would try to figure out how to keep the manual toggle switch in case the remote quit working though.
Yeah I am going to keep both. My fury had platinum air ride and all of their kits came with a plug and play set up for the remote. I ended up getting one in the event the switch stop working plus it's freaking cool. I finally found a kit online for $22 it was a momentary 2 channel wireless remote with receiver. It has 5 wires 2 white, black, red, and blue. It says the red is of coarse the power and black is your main ground. The blue is the antenna, and the white wires will be for the item you want to control. I not the smartest with doing electrical but my take on it is to have the red wire go to the battery with fuse, the black will go to the frame or battery, the one white wire will tap into the micro switch on one wire and the other white will go to the other wire on the switch. I assume that will allow me to increase and decrease air. I will have the air ride by Friday so will install it and just kind of test it out. I should get the remote by next week and will finish installing. Now I am wanting the fast up kit they sell so I can raise bike up in a second or two.
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Yeah I would like to have the fast up kit, but I just don't want to have any wires or hoses in my bags.
Well order a 12v momentary remote kit for my air ride. Seems that it will be easy. It will be here Monday so will post some pictures. The kit comes with two remotes and receiver. The receiver has 5 wires. The red wire will be power, black is ground, the blue is the antenna, and finally 2 white wires. The white wires will tie into the compressor and the other one will tie into the dumb valve. The kit only cost $24 and should do the trick. I been thinking about adding front air ride so if I do I will have to get a 4 channel remote to control the front and rear. Technology Electronic device Font Auto part Electronics accessory
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This sounds like adding a lot of complexity and points of failure to accomplish a very quick and simple task.

I will still have a switch to do it manually. This adds a little cool factor but also a back up if the switch fails.
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