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An Ohio Boy!

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Hi from North Central Ohio. Just picked up a '14 Ultra Classic last week and love it! Would like to cool it down though by removing the Catalytic Converter. Ride safe!!!!
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Welcome to the Forum!
Welcome to the forum and ride safe !!

Three Rivers TX
Welcome from Michigan! See the thread below:


Why don't you come meet some of the boys on the Forum? It's right in your back yard!
Welcome to the forum from Virginia. Plenty of good folks and good information here.
Welcome from Dayton Ohio.
Lots of great advice and people here on the forum.
Ride safe!
Welcome to the Forum from Oklahoma; hdboy02. Congratulations on your new Ultra, Brother. Great folks here and tons of technical information to search thru.
Welcome from College Station, TX

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Welcome from NE Ohio

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Yo! Come out and play Aug 9th
Welcome from south Florida. Congrats on the new scoot. We love pictures.

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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from north Texas!
Welcome from Kansas
Welcome from western ohio.

You should check out the ohio meet and greet in fostoria! It's August 9. Those of us going like to party.
Doing the Warrior Dash

Would love to join you for the meet and greet but am running in the Warrior Dash that day. It's an off road 5k with 12 obstacles. Been signed up for almost a year. Maybe next meeting?:)
We aren't meeting until later in the evening, but if it's anything like our mad run you probably won't be interested in staying up too late.

Count on it next time!
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